Speeding-Ticket Sex-Bribe Case Goes to Trial

A preliminary hearing was held Wednesday for a former CHP officer

A former Highway Patrol officer will stand trial for allegedly fixing a ticket for a female motorist in return for sex. 

Abram Carbajal, 51, is accused of taking sexual favors from Shirin Zarrindej, 47, at a North County motel. Carbajal cited Zarrindej for speeding on Interstate 5 in March 2008.  At some point after she was ticketed, the pair began a relationship, according to investigators, and conspired to fix the ticket.

At Wednesday's preliminary hearing, a CHP investigator told the Vista courtroom that he and several officers followed the pair from the Vista Courthouse to the Guest House Inn on North Coast Highway. The prosecutor asked the investigator what he learned when he questioned Zarrindej at the Inn before her arrest:

"Did she admit to you that she did want to have sex with Mr. Carbajal?" asked Deputy District Attorney Jeff Dort.

"Yes," replied the CHP officer

"Did she admit to you she did have sex with Mr. Carbajal?"


"Did she admit that Mr. Carbajal was her boyfriend?" 


"Did she admit that she knew that he was married but did not care?"


The CHP investigator also stated that when he returned to the hotel room to retrieve Zarrindej's personal belongings, he testified that he found the bed unmade and a Kleenex laying on the floor.

Carbajal was ordered to stand trial for perjury, receipt of a bribe and conspiracy. Zarrindej will also stand trial for perjury, bribery and conspiracy to obstruct justice, according to Dort.

Both defendants are fee on bail.

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