Sparkle Sparkle: Garden of Lights in Encinitas

The San Diego Botanic Garden's shimmery after-sundown spectacular is ready to go — er, glow.

MAKING YOUR SHRUB SHIMMERY? The one by the front door? The one that would look pretty cute with a netting of tiny blue bulbs, the kind that are intense with hue but not too intense? Yeah, you've thought about it, multiple times, and definitely each time you pass by the bush. But decorating the outdoor spaces of our homes takes time, and money, yes, and some effort; even calling in a cousin or a neighbor to help is often part of the plan. It may be a plan that's still in the works for you, and if you're needing some inspiration for lighting that shrub, or you just want to relax after a long day of decorating the eaves and windows, consider calling upon the San Diego Botanic Garden, where many many (as in many) shrubs and branches and walkways and other outdoor flora and feature will be fully aglow over the bulk of December. That's right, 

GARDEN OF LIGHTS... is set for its return on Saturday, Dec. 2, and if you're hoping that a large swath of the Encinitas nature-gorgeous property will be doing that twinkling thing, your hope shall be met. Prepare to behold some 125,000 lights — yep, there are three zeroes in that very impressive number — as they give various palms and succulents that shimmery look. But the bulbs are just one big part of the big event, which will run from Dec. 2 through 23 and then again from Dec. 26 through 30, 2017. Select evenings will have some special doings, like horse-drawn wagon rides and snow, while treats and warm sips for sale will give visitors that inner glow each night of the run.

STILL PONDERING... that shrub by your door? It doesn't need 125,000 lights, trust, unless you happen to possess the World's Largest Shrub (if so, high five). But you could use some inspo, probably, and a leafy spot in Encinitas will have it.

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