South Coast’s Festival of Wines

The Temecula Valley vineyard has a week of tasteful/tasty goings-on.


THE QUIET DAYS OF WINTER? Pshaw. How January became synonymous with frozen lakes and quiet afternoons and the putting away of decorations and delicious treats, we'll never know. No, wait, we do: That's the way the month has been sold in pop culture practically since the concept of January was invented. Thus we're tickled peachy when a place known for enhancing celebrations chucks all that noise and throws a party during the first month of the year. Not just a party, but a week-long festivity, with wine as its centerpiece. Yes, wine -- you've heard of the libation, perhaps? It isn't just for holidays, but for enjoying afterwards, too. South Coast Winery in the Temecula Valley understands this, and they're hosting the Festival of Wines to prove it. Kicking off on Saturday, Jan. 19, and running through Saturday, Jan. 25, the vino-focused week'll have several tasty highlights.

INCLUDING... a Break That Resolution Day on Monday, Jan. 20 (a visit to the Vintners' Vault Wine Tasting Room is promised). There's a Vintage Wine & Cheese Soiree on Friday, Jan. 24 and a special deal-ful shopping to-do on Saturday, Jan. 25. Nope, you don't have to go for all of it, but popping by for half a day could sweep those year-beginning blues right out the winery door. Winery doors are made for sweeping all sorts of blues away, right? And aren't they the prettiest doors, all wooden and heavy and nicely carved? Truth.

FOR MORE WINE COUNTRY HAPPENINGS... like the March World of Wines, eye the Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association HQ.

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