Sounds Like San Diego: Sept. 25

Sebadoh close out Adams Avenue Street Fair

Courtesy Riot Act

I'm not gonna lie ... It was a little bit toasty on Adams Avenue, but there was a nice breeze, great music and plenty of food and drinks to keep you from being parched. Head back today for amazing bands, including Sebadoh (OMG)! It's gonna be fun; just find yourself a wide brimmed hat or a parasol, and you'll be all set. The festival wraps at seven, so you can make it to Tegan & Sara if you were lucky enough to buy tickets in advance, or check out the stunning music of Delta Rae at Music Box. If you're up for an adventure, the Mekons are playing a special show at A Ship in the Woods, the not-so-secret artist enclave in Escondido, or catch Luke Sweeney at Soda Bar. For a bit of an industry jam, head to Whistle Stop where a bunch of your favorite locals will be performing Nick Cave jams. Hard to believe you can have all of this on a Sunday, but it's happening, so don't miss out on all of the fun.

Sunday, Sept. 25:

  • Adams Avenue Street Fair @ Adams Avenue, Normal Heights (FREE, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.)
  • Art & Craft Show @ Old Town San Diego (10 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
  • The Crookes, Zipper Club, the Filthy Violets @ Casbah
  • Tegan & Sara, Shura @ Observatory North Park (SOLD OUT)
  • Delta Rae, Kristin Diable, Tolan Shaw @ Music Box
  • The Mekons @ A Ship in the Woods
  • Luke Sweeney, Ancient River, Ocelot, DJ Matt the Hoople @ Soda Bar
  • Tim Mudd, Podunk Nowhere @ Sycamore Den
  • Rat Sabbath @ Bar Pink
  • O.A.R., the Hunts @ Humphreys Concerts by the Bay
  • Nick Cave Covers feat. members of Lunar Maps, Hexa, Nylon Apts, Blood Ponies, Soft Lions, DJs Mario & Mitch @ Whistle Stop
  • Rap Nite Presents: 2pac 20th Anniversary with Greyboy, Dimitri, Tramlife @ Blonde
  • Electric Mud @ Winston's (5 p.m.)
  • Adam's Avenue Street Fair with Raena Jade, Phili Villalobos, Courtney Preis, Jessica Bell, Andrew Barrack, Aaron Bowen @ Lestat's
  • Neutral Shirt (Goodbye!), Spirited Away @ Che Cafe
  • Adam's Avenue Street Fair @ Java Joe's
  • Uptown Top Ranking Inside the Office with Tribe of Kings @ The Office
  • Color Til Monday, Sever the Century, Hyper Active Slackers, Wolves of Eden @ The Merrow
  • Matt Danger, Alex Kirk Amen @ The Bancroft
  • Reggae Sunday @ U-31
  • Stellita @ Humphreys Backstage Live (10 a.m. - 2 p.m.)
  • T. Fox @ Humphreys Backstage Live (7 p.m.)
  • Franks and Deans, the Fink Bombs @ Tower Bar
  • Country Night with Kin @ El Dorado
  • Colour @ Tio Leo's
  • Psilo @ Kava Lounge
  • Adina Howard, DJ Lace, Shotta Crew, Lanee Ross, James Vaughn Rampage @ Spin

Rosemary Bystrak is the publicist for the Casbah, the content manager forDoSD, and writes about the San Diego music scene, events and general musings about life in San Diego on San Diego: Dialed In. Follow her updates on Twitter orcontact her directly.

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