Something Else to Flip Over

Popular, convenient video cameras get a comparable companion.

flipshare tv for flip video

The definition of a handheld video camera has changed significantly in the last decade. Today, you can capture hours of exceptional video with the Flip video camera, a device that is barely larger than an mp3 player. Where this tiny package is convenient for taking video, it's less enjoyable for reviewing it. For this, Flip has created its newest device in time for the holidays: the FlipShare TV.

FlipShare TV is a wireless device that is easy to setup with your television, and even easier to connect with your video library. Simply connect the device to the tube, plug the wireless USB key into your computer and start surfing through your Flip video library.

This device is great for eliminating the back-bending efforts that often result from getting the family to crowd around your computer. Plus, the FlipShare Flip Channel features allows you to share videos with people who don't have Flip video cameras themselves.

Purchase the FlipShare TV online for $149.99.

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