Someone Stole Fieri's Lamborghini

Breaking! According to Fox, Guy Fieri, of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives TV fame, had his yellow Lamborghini stolen yesterday by a "thief using climbing gear, [who] rapelled into a San Francisco exotic car dealership." We feel for the innocuous, spiky-haired host who by his own admission is a "pretty giving" family man who deserves a medal for just "being a good guy." In this latest episode of Sin City, Fieri says what he craves most is more time with his family. (Unlike fellow food tube-host Scott Conant who would trade time with his newborn for a brand new Maserati. Tweet that, Conant! No hard feelings.) Ironically, Fieri says the chore that's been on his to do list the longest is "organizing one of the garages." New priority: Getting stolen goods back in said garage. [The Feast; Fox News]

—Sin City by Kellyn Curtis/The Feast DFW

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