Soggy Santa’s Helper?

Families will be going underwater to avoid the same old family photos

Ocean Enterprises

If you're big on putting a picture of your family on the front of your holiday cards, pay attention.  You've probably already done the beach scene right?  Well, how about a shot "off the beach", underwater?  Ocean Enterprises is giving you the chance to do just that - sort of.

Face it, conditions in the Pacific are not always specific, they're simply too unpredictable; so, on Sunday, October 25, the local dive shop will do the next best thing.  Ocean Enterprises is providing you and the family  a chance to take a soggy shot, underwater in one of their training tanks.  It will take place at the Pardee Pool and will benefit the Toys for Tots program.

More information about this unique San Diego event is available on their Web site.

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