Sneak Peek of “V”

Comic Con kicked off Wednesday night


The aliens are coming and they're headed to a TV set near you.

At a special sneak peek of the TV show "V" at Comic-Con on Wednesday night, fans of the 1983 miniseries waited to see if this modern version lived up to the original. It does. And in some instances, it's way better.

The premise is the same, big scary alien ships show up over 12 major cities promising mankind hope, peace and healing. At first, people are afraid but then come to accept the "visitors from another planet."

They are greated by Anna (Morena Baccarin) who gives the old, "we come in peace" line and soon she attracts the attention of journalist Chad Decker (Scott Wolf).

Meanwhile, Homeland Security agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell  from "Lost") is a single mom with an unruly teenager. Unfortunately, she can't parent him the way she wants because she’s sucked into a terrorism plot that's much bigger than she ever could imagine. She learns by attending a secret meeting that the "aliens have been among us for a while" and they've wormed their way into positions of power. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Along the way, she discovers that the aliens are here to stay and they're closer than we all think. And for her, it's going to hit close to home when she learns her son Tyler (Logan Huffman) has joined the aliens as a peace ambassador.

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