Sizzling Scenario

Projected heat wave could be the worst of the summer

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Summer is almost over but there is still plenty of heat ahead according to the National Weather Service. In fact, if their computers are correct we could be seeing the hottest temperatures of the season during summer's last two days and the first couple of days of fall.

Highs are already warming a couple of degrees each day; today should top out around 80 at the coast, low and mid 90s inland.  Things will warm only slightly through Monday, then we could be adding as much as 4-5 degrees each day through Wednesday  which is the first full day of fall (autumn officially starts at 2:18 Tuesday afternoon).  If predictions hold up, we could see beach highs possibly hitting the 90s and the warmest valleys up to 110.

It's not unusual to see extremely hot temperatures during these final days of September.  The all-time record high for San Diego, the county's official reporting station, is 111-degrees set on September 27, 1963.  In fact, one-third of all of San Diego's temperatures above 90 degrees have taken place during this two-week period as summer becomes fall.  It's also the beginning of the prime Santa Ana season and there's a small chance next week's heat wave could turn into the first.  Either way, the fire danger will be very high.

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