Sites Help Find Deals

You don't have to go online to get the best deals but these days a computer can make it a lot easier. shops for you.  "It keeps going in every day checking your item and checking stores everyday and when it finds your item at the price you want," said Edgar Dworsky who came up with the idea for the website.

Not only does the website tell you who is selling the item for the lowest price. You can also set your price.

Slickdeals and Fat wallet are two other web sites that will help you find bargains. Bargain hunters in these forums talk about deals that may not have been advertised in the newspaper or on television.

Sundaysaver will help you find the coupons you missed in the Sunday paper.

If you enter your zip code, Salescircular will show you how many units are in your area.

But with so many sales - how do you know if you're getting the best price? You go to Pricespider.

And when you buy what you want - you need to ship it right? There’s a web site that will save you money with that as well - Ship Gooder. With zip code information, it will compare prices for DHL, USPS, Fedex and UPS.

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