Silent Disco… No Seriously

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Courtesy of Harford County Sheriff's Office

This isn’t a joke -- KIN Lounge is holding a silent disco. Instead of dancing to pumping tunes from loud speakers – partygoers listen to music… using headphones.

The Silent Disco is a party without a traditional speaker system that relies instead on the use of wireless headphones and an FM transmitter, reported.  The headphones are also equipped with three channels, leaving the option open for dueling DJs – both playing at the one time.

This concept is readily embraced throughout Europe and the UK, but has yet to explode in the United States – perhaps until now.

“KIN’s Silent Disco will be a great experience,” says a representative of The Gerety Group. “KIN’s gorgeous venue, Sennheiser’s elevated sound experience, and the club’s early embrace of this non-mainstream idea are just more ways San Diego is putting itself on the map as a breeding ground for fresh ideas in art, culture, and music.”

Though first seen in the late 1960s, the Silent Disco was readily used by eco-activists in the early 90s who found the best way to gather large groups to a forest that was about to be logged was to throw a party, reported. But to avoid disturbing nature and animal habitats, headsets and portable audio devices were utilized. Since then the party has gained popularity with music festival organizers who recognize that a Silent Disco is a great way to battle noise restrictions and is also seen as an opportunity for festivalgoers to dance late into the night.

KIN Lounge hosts the first ever Silent Disco in San Diego on May 28, at 5 p.m. -- enhanced by complimentary hors d’oeuvres and discount charity HOPE Wine.

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