Your Style Guide: ShamROCK 2009

Can't figure out what to wear? You're in luck

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Dying eyebrows and moustache - now there's an option. Males only please.
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Stuck for an outfit idea for St. Pat's Day? Here are some ideas. The traditional antennae and glasses that are an expensive purchase, one time wear.
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Construction paper as pasties. Possible?
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Or use those shamrocks on a plain skirt from your closet. Classic, timeless.
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If you're broke, ask a friend to paint on your back.
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May want to check with Mom to make sure you're really Irish before doing this. We consider this look cool but it's one you can't change on Wednesday.
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If you're going to go this far be sure to follow her lead and get the special St. Patty's Day tips from your manicurist.
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Disturbing. We feel this outfit demonstrates the need to edit your look. Sometimes too much green is really too much.
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