Taking the guesswork out of creating MLS listings.

Continuing my “What day is it?” series, I’ve been had. Thanks to a hot tip, I became aware this morning of a long-overdue, new and free listing service. From Robert at Diverse Solutions (the proud provider of the home search feature on our own web site):

I’m proud to announce that Diverse Solutions has been working hard to develop a free offering for the Real Estate community. We all know that creating listings in the MLS systems can be time consuming, and often error prone this is a problem that dsListingExpress completely solves.So without further ado, please visit our launch site to learn more and try it out yourself: http://dslistingexpress.diversesolutions.com.

Finally, these guys put all of their geekiness to work in developing something truly practical — a way to automatically generate my MLS copy, allowing me more time to write posts bashing the inaccuracy of Zillow’s home valuation tool.

OK. I bit. The first sign that something was amiss was when I found myself staring at the grinning likeness of bloggy-buddy, Zillow social media dude, and all-around great guy Drew Meyers before I had even managed my first cup of coffee.


At 5:00 AM, it was far too early to be clobbered by a Zestimate. That is what open houses are for.

Here are the property photos which the cool new tool returned for my site:


This is just all wrong, of course. These photos are not of my listing; they are of the home I showed on Sunday.

And my favorite sniglet from the automatically generated descriptive text:

Stay warm in the winter with the brand new commercial grade heater. Previous owner was serious about heat. HOA fees are $185 a month. No one knows what they go towards but you still have to pay them. Having a multistory home like this one is perfect for keeping the elderly, small children or dogs down stairs.

Fair Housing Disclaimer: For the first time this month I actually know what day it is. Happy April 1st!

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