Mobile Listing Marketing – I'm on the fence. Please vote now.

I’m on the fence. I have been spending some time this morning nosing around on various sites offering mobile listing marketing services. The various services range from almost affordable to insanely, per month expensive. Then, there is Tagga, which is free (if you don’t mind putting up with a few ads).

I like the ability to establish my own keyword, in this case “Larmier” for a listing we have on (get this) Larmier Circle in Scripps Ranch. I like the fact that I can create a little site optimized for mobile phone delivery. Our web site for this home is full of slide shows and java script, so it doesn’t play nice with my Treo. But this text delivery system returns a maximum of 80 characters and a link to the mini-site. For anyone who doesn’t have a web enabled phone or is afraid to use the one they have (because they haven’t popped for the unlimited web plan), I am not sure of the value.

Before I run out and start ordering sign riders promoting the text messaging feature, I was hoping there might be some honest people out there who would be willing to talk me off the roof. If you are standing in front of my listing, how inclined would you be to text for more information? If this is the information you received (try sending a text message to 82442 with the message “Larmier”), would you consider it of value or just a waste of my time and resources? Keep in mind that you are probably staring a full brochure box in the face, and you are most certainly gazing at a sign rider displaying the unique URL for this home.


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