Scripps Inn Re-Opens Following Refresh

The luxe La Jolla B&B received a spiffying-up.

Scripps Inn

HELLO AGAIN: Every textbook and philosopher and painting lover and grand thinker puts a spin on the age-old chestnut that says we are bettered by art. It's a chestnut because it is meaty, and true, and hold a lot of water. When has seeing a stunner of a sculpture not bettered us, a least a bit? (It always does.) But what of buildings that sit within art's might sphere? What of the structure that is adjacent to cutting-edge-y, always avant garde ideas and visuals and looks? We suspect, in that situation, that place rises to the occasion, in the best-self-forward presentation. Such is the case with The Scripps Inn, a steps-to-the-water bed-and-breakfast that just happens to have an art-filled neighbor in The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. The inn has its own vibe -- it isn't done up, contemporary art-style, but rather boasts a swank-and-chill feel -- and it is a vibe that got a recent refresh, with a February debut. Well, it makes sense: If you're in a stylish ocean-close town, known for its posher ways, and you're next door to fine art, you want to look your finest. Any of us would, really.

WHAT'S NEW AT SCRIPPS INN: The 14 guest rooms just received a full-on renovation, so look for "new flooring, countertops and fixtures, custom furnishings, updated appliances, luxurious linens, and unique coast decor." (The decor, of course, is a nod to the inn's other nearest neighbor, the Pacific.) It's a boutique spot, so it is on the cozy side but call it cozy with your own space and sphere. As for get-outs and to-dos? You're a short walk away from the seals of Children's Pool, the shops of La Jolla, and yes, that next door neighbor brimming with contemporary art. Add to that the inn's recent pairing-up with Everyday California, which means kayaking packages.

WOULDN'T IT BE GRAND... if all hotels, big and small, could neighbor epic oceans and fine museums? Well, variety is great, too. But The Scripps Inn's recent refresh nicely mirrors its two looking-fine neighbors, if not in actual appearance than in the joy of beautiful presentation. We humans strive for that all the time, but, of course, the Pacific Ocean has an eternal lock on both beauty and presentation. Props, dear Pacific.

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