Saving Chaps From Becoming Fashion Road Kill

Finding cool style at decent prices can be quite the task for male shoppers in San Diego.

While the ladies get rows upon rows upon shelves of fashionable habiliments, men are often left with a small corner in an expensive boutique heaving with trendy graphics.

Akia, located on the artsy Kettner Blvd, has turned the tables on the usual fashion situation for men, according to  Although an adorable selection, women have only a corner rack and five pairs of retro heels to browse through, while the men get to bathe in wonderful old school treats.

The goods at Akia consist of authentic vintage shirts along with vests, jackets, hats and sweaters. The only items made after 1990 is a pile of white slacks, circa 2009, and maybe the cash register.

Akia has the one-of-a-kind tees that an up-to-the-minute fella needs. Fun sayings, color variety, cool graphics and the best fits are where the selection starts and fabulous jackets are to follow. They have numerous Members Only jackets, ultra hips vests, in vogue sweaters and ultra hot derby hats to boot.

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