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Julio Ledesma
NBC 5 News

Don't be surprised if you're out and about Saturday and two people stop to ask you some questions about San Diego, the GO Urban Race is taking over the streets!

GO, which is short for Get Outside, is a technology based city-wide scavenger hunt loaded with tons of physical and mental challenges. The challenge has taken place in other major cities including Washington D.C, Boston, San Francisco and New York.

The race works like this:  teams of two will receive four initial clues via SMS text messaging.  Those clues will lead to a specific GO point/location, in which you'll SMS a response to the clue, complete a physical or mental task, take a picture, and recieve one additional clue via SMS text messaging.  There will be eight clues in total.  Sample clues from the Washington D.C race include:

“6 of these crashed into the moon, but u can find LM-2 here. Txt: # (numeral) of rungs on ladder. Pix: Team w/LM-2
Answer: 9

“America’s 1st certified organic restaurant. Txt: Name of location (no spaces)”
Answer: RestaurantNora

“On belay? Chalk up & see if u can flash this route in Alexandria. Txt: Code on route. Pix: Teammate @ top.”
Answer: 3.14B

Once the team has solved all eight clues, its off to the finish line.  If a challenger doesn't know the answer to a clue, they are able to utilize friends and family members, web-enabled cell phones, laptops, GPS and maps.

Think that sounds easy? Think again -- no personal vehicles are allowed! The only acceptable modes of transportation for this race are walking, jogging, running and public transportation.

Race prizes include $400, $275 and $100 and free championship race entry for first-third place winners, respectively.

The fun begins at 10:30 at Marston Point in Balboa Park.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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