Patience, they say, is a virtue, though rock aficionados would say it's more of a power ballad, and anyone with high-speed internet would say it's a dial-up connection. Why not skip the debate altogether and embrace your impatient need to get things done -- sign up for SDG&E's My Account.

Offering a one-stop shop for all your energy bill-paying needs, SDG&E's My Account lets you quickly, easily -- and paperlessly! -- pay your monthly dues. With My Account, you remove the hassle of mailing checks. You can also schedule one-time and recurring payments or, if necessary, apply for a level pay plan.

To satisfy your archive jones, SDG&E's My Account also provides up to 25 months of billing history. You can quickly scan your previous activity, which will reveal trends and  inform your home energy use.

My Account also offers paperless billing, a service which saves you time, and helps make your household more environmentally responsible. Not to mention, fewer pieces of mail means less opportunity for identity theft.

SDG&E's My Account gives you the information you need to make smart choices. Start today by going to

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