San Diegans Burnin' Rubber and Love on ‘Amazing' Quest

A local college student and her boyfriend are on an around-the world romp, according to a published report.

The Sunday night debut of the CBS reality television show "The Amazing Race” proved to be a memorable event for Cal State San Marcos student Amanda Blackledge and her boyfriend, Kris Klicka, a San Diego State University alumnus, according to the North County Times.

Blackledge, 23, and Klicka, 25, are one of 11 teams that trekked around the world hoping to win $1 million on the show's 14th season. News releases issued last fall suggest that this season's competition will be one of the show's most grueling ever, as participants strive to cover 40,000 miles and nine countries in 22 days.

The couple said the race strengthened their relationship.

"We were both there for each other," Blackledge said. "And that really helped, 'cause there were moments when we both really needed the other person."

Some of the ordeals faced by the show's participants included extreme temperatures in Siberia and India, long periods with little food and water and the world’s second-tallest bungee jump.

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