Safety Inspections Overdue On 8 US Airlines

In some cases, inspections are years overdue.

Safety inspections are overdue on airplanes that fly for 8 major U-S carriers. In fact, some airplane safety inspections are more than 2 years overdue.   

The Transportation Department's inspector general, Calvin Scovel, said Wednesday that the cozy relationship between FAA inspectors and Southwest Airlines that he warned Congress about last year extends to more offices within the agency and more airlines than previously known.

Scovel said in prepared testimony submitted to a Senate committee that FAA has missed inspections at seven other major airlines and that some inspections were nearly two years overdue.

Scovel recommended Congress keep a closer watch on the agency.

The FAA is in charge of the inspections. Their spokesperson told the panel that inspections are being done based on risk analysis,  and that critical safety issues are always dealt with first.

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