Running in the Rain


It was anything but the traditional Father Joe's walk/run in Balboa Park on Thanksgiving Day, it nearly turned into a 5K swim. 

A record crowd (not counting all the damp dogs and soaked toddler-filled strollers) kept right on trucking even after mother nature got into the act and gave San Diego its biggest soaking in months.

The event, which helps fund the St. Vincent de Paul Villages, started in front of the Museum of Man a little after 8:00 AM accompanied by a few light showers.  Then, around 9:00 the heavens opened up dropping nearly an inch of rain in less than a half hour.  And while it drenched the event the estimated crowd of 6,800 refused to let the stormy weather dampen their spirits.  Instead, shouts of glee increased along with the pace of the rain, as residents greeted the downpour with open arms, knowing it brought at least some relief to the parched, drought stricken city.

For more on the storm and to check the forecast for the rest of the holiday weekend, click on weather.

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