Room With a View

Get a San Diego skyline without the lofty price tag.

san diego skyline wall decor-1

For a breathtaking view of San Diego's lovely, glittering skyline, you'll need to own a pricey piece of land in Coronado. If you can settle for second best, though, even your inland abode can look ritzy in a few minutes.

The San Diego Skyline decal from SavvyGalDesigns captures the skyscrapers and military character of the downtown skyline in 80 inches of self-adhering vinyl. Simply find a wall that could use some classing up, prep your decal according to instructions and, voila! A view fit for a [Coronado] islander.

The silhouette looks clean and modern in black, but can also be ordered in a variety of colors to suit your decor.

Pick it up in SavvyGalDesign's Etsy shop for $38.50.

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