Roadblocks to Weight Loss

Detours to Dropping Pounds - Your A.C. & Sarcopenia

A lot of people wait until after the holidays—the turkey, ham, stuffing, gravy and desserts to start trying to hit the gym. But there’s never a better time than now to work up a sweat.

We've got some advice on avoiding diet roadblocks to drop pounds quick.

Roadblock number one: You crank the air conditioner.

Published reports have found exposure to higher temperatures decreases our appetite and food intake so basically the hotter it is, the more we eat.

                A study tested a group of women and found when they turned down the AC to 72 degrees, their appetite decreased by 10-percent.

                When turned down to a slightly uncomfortable 81-degrees, their appetite decreased by


                Your first detour—Learn to endure slightly steamier conditions.

The second roadblock we’re going to tell you about:  You ignore your sarcopenia.

If you weren't paying attention episodes of ER, sarcopenia is age-related muscle loss-and it can start in your 30s.

If you don't take action now, you could begin to lose as much as one to two-percent of your muscle mass by the time you hit 50.

And less muscle means you burn fewer calories and store more of them as fat.

                So how do you beat it?                

                Detour number two—the key to stopping muscle meltdown is to strengthen your back, shoulders, arms and thighs.

                When you increase lean muscle mass, you burn more calories, even when you’re sitting down and doing nothing.

                Find a strength workout and start sculpting at least twice a week.

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