Roadblocks to Weight Loss (2nd Edition)

Roadblock number one: You’re a go-getter who works out at 6a.m.

                That’s great—if you go to bed at ten but a lot of us don’t.

                A recent study found women who slept seven or more hours a night are less likely to put on weight than women who don’t.

                Those who slept only six hours were more likely to gain more than 30 pounds over the years.

                Here’s the detour—Of course, don’t sacrifice your snooze time, not even for an extra long run.

                Bottom line—you’re better off sleeping through your workout every other day than stumbling to a sunrise pilates class on too few Z’s.

                 Speaking of longer runs, our second roadblock---  logging extra miles on the treadmill to make up for giant meals.

                When it comes to dieting, success is not 90% perspiration.

                You cannot achieve lasting weight loss on exercise alone.

                Our detour- be sure to mix in a good diet with your exercise.

                A good formula is this- multiply your weight by ten, then add your weight again to that sum.

                That is the number of calories you need to maintain your current weight without activity.

                Here’s an example, if you weigh 135 pounds:

                135 x 10 = 1,350 + 135 = 1,485 calories.

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