Riders Flip for Octotron


After rains and a few mechanical problems, a new ride debuted this weekend at Belmont Park in Mission beach.

The Octotron allows the rider to control how much flipping goes on as the ride rotates and flips end-over-end.

“I just ate and went 15 times in a row upside down,” one rider said after getting off the Octotron Sunday. “I feel sick but I’m going to go on it again.”

Others said they felt weightless and couldn’t tell which was up and which was down.

The control joystick between the seats seemed to be the best part of the ride.

“You get to control your own ride and I loved it,” a rider who identified herself as Nicky told us after the ride.

Sisters Gwen and Megan loved have the option to pick the kind of ride they want. “If you don’t want to spin, you don’t have to,” said Megan. “But you really should spin, it’s fun,” Gwen added.

The opening of the Octotron was actually delayed by the rains and mechanical problems but now it's good to go and only the second ride of its kind in the United States.

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