Report: 6 Schools Targeted for Closure

A committee recommended the closure of a half-dozen San Diego schools, according to a published report.

The schools selected by the committee are Cadman, Carver, Crown Point, North Park and Sequoia elementary schools, the reported.

The committee was formed as the district began to struggle with a budget gap of as much as $50 million. The school board will make the final decision on whether any of the schools are permanently closed.

Supporters of the closures argue that the district could save up to $500,000 per school in administrative, custodial, maintenance and utility costs. "That estimate is disputed by some opponents who say it underestimates the costs of maintaining empty schools and keeping them free from vandalism and other crime," the reported.

People protesting the possible closures are likely to become very vocal very fast -- up until now, the district has not solicited public comment, arguing that staff members are pressured by time constraints and will need to act by the fall to close the schools.

Read the VOSD's "Six Schools Tapped for Closure" for more details.

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