‘Relax & Revive' at Omni La Costa

Life'll soon rev up again, but there's still time to savor summer, in Carlsbad.

IT'S A FUNNY STUDY... in opposites when one considers the many pressures we put on a getaway. We want a short vacation to send all of our workaday stress running, to make us feel calmer, to allow us to be free of our worries and woes, if only for a few days (though, ideally, for weeks to come, thanks to all of that chillaxing we did). But finding a go-to spot that will take as much planning and getting-to as a plan that's a lot less fun can often up the stress factor of the calm-seeking getaway. One solution? Pick a place nearby, one that has a package on specifically focused on unwinding, enjoying, and not doing much at all. The Omni La Costa has embraced this take-it-easy idea with its "Relax & Revive" package, a credit-cool deal that invites guests to pursue leisure around the expansive property and save money by doing so. 

THE $75 CREDIT... that comes part-and-parcel with the package can be used at the on-site spa -- all of those knots obtained while you sit inside your cubicle or on the drive home are going, going, going away -- or elsewhere around the historic hotel. Maybe for a mimosa near the pool? With a little sunblock and an overly large hat, that sounds very much like the antidote to all of the ways we work ourselves into a tizzy back home.

INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE... is the Villa experience which includes "upgraded amenities and a personal concierge." Are you already organizing for the start of school? Even if you don't have tots returning to the classroom, does the start of August make you think that more serious, nose-to-the-grindstone times are ahead? Relaxing is not faraway. It is, in fact, in Carlsbad, which is, all told, pretty darn close. Go pool and bid commute/cubicle issues goodbye (for a night or two, anyway).

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