Reduce, Reuse, Reride

Solana Beach company focuses on recycling boards - surf, skate or snow - not only to help you afford it but to save the environment

We’ve all heard recycling paper and plastic reduces environmental impact, but a local company, is upping the ante—salvaging surfboards, skateboards, snowboards and more all in an effort to re-green mother nature.

Similar to, the website serves as marketplace for people to buy and sell used boards while also acting as an information eco-hub. In addition, it offers handy advice to newbie boarders.

Meghan Dambacher and Lisa Carpenter of Solana Beach launched the site just over two years ago to make it easier for people to recycle equipment instead of tossing it to the landfill or buying expensive new gear.

“Anytime you’re going to buy a used board there definitely is big savings both for the individual and the environment,” Dambacher said.

The company’s motto, “reduce, reuse, reride,” couldn’t be more fitting.

Rerip, which is based in Solana Beach, has a number of sites around the county where you can drop off any unwanted surfboards. The boards will later be turned into furniture, concrete, art or donated to less fortunate wave-chasers.

The company is gearing up for its 3rd annual “The Future of Surfing” fundraiser on Oct. 10. Everybody is encouraged to bring a used surfboard to donate and enjoy some music, waves and rays. In turn Rerip will resale the boards and give all proceeds to the Junior Lifeguard Scholarship Program.

“We are pretty solid about giving back and raising awareness in the community, especially for those who aren’t as fortunate,” Dambacher said.

If you have fresh ideas on how to reuse or recycle boards, Rerip wants to hear from you.
The company has its own blog and Twitter accounts where you can find witty posts, updates and enviro-inspired tips.

“As technologies evolve, so must our ways of thinking, collaborating and executing,” Dambacher wrote on her blog. “Sometimes in moving forward means taking a step back to reassess what it is that is important to us as a society.”

Though the venture won’t single-handedly reverse global warming, it definitely sends a clear message to jump onboard and rerip!

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