Redefining Modern Romance for V-Day

This Valentine's Day in San Diego, it's important to make sure you are on the same romantic wavelength as your significant other.'s dating crash course reveals what the opposite sex wants from you, and how you can redefine modern romance this Valentine's Day, and every day.

Men: Creatively court her. Forget instant gratification and actually take the time to playfully and creatively pursue and court a woman.

Men: Demonstrate more cultural awareness and intelligence: Sure you know the score of the last football game, but tune in more to the news and current events, read up on worldly concerns, and learn more about local culture so that you can mentally stimulate her, too.

Men: Do unexpected things at unexpected times. Women love the mental stimulation that surprises bring, so give it to her - not just on Valentines Day but all the time.

Men: Demonstrate your masculinity. Although women have more power than they used to, some things still remain the same: Women don't want a wishy-washy guy.

Men: Spend more time on sensual foreplay. Guys, it's not about the end goal. You will find it to be much more enjoyable for both of you if you spend more time teasing and exciting her and creating that anticipation that she craves through physical and mental foreplay.

Women: Embrace your femininity. Independence doesn't mean aggressiveness.

Women: Show your appreciation for romantic gestures. When men do thoughtful or romantic things for you, make sure to express your acknowledgement and appreciation, rather than meeting them with criticism or disappointment which stifles their desire to do more things like that.

Women: Meet men halfway when it comes to dating. Treating men with respect, offering to share the dinner tab or help with the cost of dates, and communicating clearly.

Women: Know how to "shut off" your work life. If you're a career-minded girl, make sure to put away your phones and PDAs on dates.

Both: Treat her like a lady and let him be a man!  Find out how in's article "Redefine Modern Romance this Valentines Day in San Diego."

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