Rare Day: Pups Inside the Botanic Garden

Grab your best furry bud and stroll through an Encinitas wonderland.


IT'S A DOG'S WORLD... and thank goodness. Fluffballs are seen out with their humans all over the place, from a pub's outdoor seating area to the benches outside a public market to dog parks to ice cream parlors, parlors that create a special concoction just for our canine friends to enjoy. It's no mystery that the market for all products muttly has zoomed over the last decade; we like having our favorite tail-wagger with us, practically at all times. But there are still spots that Spot can't enter, for various reasons, and we're respectful. We are, right? Good. We bid him adieu and promise to be home in a few hours. But one of those places, a beautiful destination, will welcome our hounds for a morning, a rare thing indeed. We speak of the San Diego Botanic Garden, which is says hello to pups on Saturday, Feb. 22 at the 5K Paw Walk in the Garden.

WHICH MEANS... that you and your Miss Muttly can leash up and stroll by all of those gorgeous succulents on a pleasant late-winter day, in the company of a whole bunch of other dogs and their people. What areas will you two visit? Oh, just the Subtropical Fruit, Herb, Bamboo, Australian, Canary Islands, and several other distinct zones that dot the expansive Encinitas plot. If your pooch is really only used to the flora along your block, he's in for a surprise. If pups notice their surroundings, which of course they do, perhaps far better than we humans, who tend to be inside our own heads, plotting our to-do lists. Dogs, you are in the moment, in all the wonderful ways.

SIGN-UP FEES: It's twenty four bucks per adult, and there's some registration info. The Rancho Coastal Humane Society and San Diego Botanic Garden are the dogly day's beneficiaries. Woof woof, walkers.

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