R-Rated Trivia Night

Drunk intellectuals can test their wits with mini-games and comedy

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If you want to give your adult brain a jump-start before Monday morning rolls around , there is "R-Rated Trivia" at where else , Wit's End on Sunday.

It's a nobody under 21 event complete with drinks and food and intellectual stimulation. There will be  "mini-games, comedy, and 'will it float'?" 

Winning team takes all or you can just "come play for free if you just want to see and be seen by highly educated drunks," according to The Reader.

The Wit's End Pub and Cafe is called a neighborhood, kinda hangout place. The cost of R-Rated Trivia is 3 bucks and you won't go it alone as the game pits team against team.

For more information click on R-Rated Trivia night, click on Wit's End.

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