Video: Sean Avery visits Jimmy Fallon to talk Bonnaroo, Flyers

While we await the Stanley Cup to make the late-night talk show rounds like it did last year (Sidney Crosby singing "Bringing Stanley Back" volume two?), New York Rangers forward Sean Avery visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday and didn't say anything to get himself suspended.

Avery was there promoting Career Gear, a non-profit organization that gives men, whether coming out of prison or attempting to return to the workforce, support and clothing as they prepare for job interviews. The two ended the segment with an accuracy shootout, in which Avery won. Had he lost, Fallon's house band, Philadelphia natives The Roots, would have made Avery don Flyers gear, much to the horror of Ranger fans.

Here's the entire segment thanks to Jefflered.

If this were "Piper's Pit", Avery telling the audience that Scott Hartnell is "a bit of a clown", despite the obviousness of the statement, would be a great heat-causing storyline to head into next season. And in case you're wondering, here's video of Lupul's hit on Avery. Is it a good thing that the new, reprogrammed Sean Avery is able to forgive and forget things like that and hug it out like Ari Gold?

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