Video: Brandon Dubinsky picks a winner for Rangers

In Friday night's loss to the New Jersey Devils, Brandon Dubinsky's energetic play helped spark a New York Rangers' comeback from a 5-1 deficit. So as the announcers praised his efforts, the MSG Network cameras focused in on Dubinsky sitting at the Rangers bench.

Unfortunately, this was exactly when Dubinsky decided to, uh, partake in some hygienic maintenance. Or perhaps he was just trying to smell what he was hearing. In any event, the following clip may not be for the squeamish; it runs 1:51, but you'll only need the first 25 seconds:

Quote of the night from Sam Rosen while watching this display: "Oh ..."

For those of you scoring at home, Dubinsky actually used three different fingers to scratch brain. Quite a technique. Obviously, we're all quite happy that the only thing Dubinsky tasted last night was defeat from the Devils.

For further NHL nasal adventures, check out last season's "The Art of the Snot Rocket" from the Deadspin NHL Closer days. H/T to the HF Boards for the Dubi clip.

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