Somebody actually tried to play car hockey on a frozen lake

Please recall "Top Gear," that massively entertaining BBC program for car nuts and gearheads, reviewed the Suzuki Swift by playing a game of "car hockey" with a giant inflatable puck. Cars smashed. Cars flipped. Fun was had. Losing was ... disgusting (see the end).

We're guessing the good people of Albert Lea, Minnesota get BBC America on digital cable, have access to YouTube or possess a palpable death wish. Because via the Albert Lea Tribune's crime beat, they're playing car hockey in Albert Lea:

Albert Lea police responded to a report of two vehicles observed driving around on the lake ice near Frank Hall Park on Friday about 11:30 p.m. According to the report, the people in the vehicles were playing their version of hockey. The officers called a time out and concluded the game by telling the drivers to get off the ice.

"Their version of hockey." In cars. If there's another police report begging for elaboration, we haven't read it.

Get the car hockey players and the ZUI lady together on the same rink, and we're pretty sure that's a pay-per-view buy-rate record right there.

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