Patrick Kane on Las Vegas, virtual revenge on Johan Franzen and keeping Jonathan Toews away from his sisters

Kudos to our buddy Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago for his interview with Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks this week, which may set a new non-Puck Daddy record for most parenthetical references to a subject laughing. In conjunction with his NHL 10 coverboy status, Kane touched on a number of topics including:

His all-time team: Gretzky, Mario and Bobby Hull (shocker) up front; Coffey and Lidstrom on defense; and like any good Buffalo boy born in the last 20 years, Dominik Hasek between the pipes.

Whether he fears an EA Sports curse: "It's not an NHL curse or anything, it's more of a Madden thing, so for me I'm not just gonna say no because of some curse. I'd rather be on the video game than not."

Being underage in Las Vegas: "I think people knew who I was kind of in the Palms. They heard of me, and that I was coming into town, and that I was underage, so anytime I was on the floor they were asking me my age, and I had to tell them I was 20 every time."

Like we said, brilliant stuff. And it didn't get any better than Kane speaking about taking revenge on Johan Franzen of the Detroit Red Wings and keeping his Chicago teammate Jonathan Toews away from Kane's rather lovely sisters.

First, Kane answers a question about battling one of his rivals in a virtual environment:

Does this game allow you to beat the crap out of Johan Franzen if he rips your mouthpiece out like he did in the playoffs?

PK: (Laughs) We were just talking about that actually. I can get some revenge on him in the game, hopefully, with a couple slashes, or face wash him after the whistle, in the game you can do that. It's pretty funny actually, the game's so realistic with the after-the-whistle play, you can play along the boards with your skates. When you're skating by the fans that are banging on the glass or waving they're towels in the playoffs, just so many things that are so realistic. It's really fun to play and it's fun to see too.

Wow, a cool answer and a pitch for the product. Well played, young Kane.

Now the one that turns this interview into a slice of fried gold:

We'll wrap it up on this one: One of the most popular stories on our site was the one that listed 20 facts about you and included pictures of your sisters. How do you deal with being the big brother to three cute sisters?

PK: (Laughs) Well, luckily they're all pretty good girls, and I think two of them have boyfriends and stuff, so not much you can do about that, but at least they're not gonna be running around wild. It's pretty funny to hear things, I mean Toews always jokes with me saying he's going to date my older sister and things like that, but I always tell him he doesn't have a shot. He gets mad at me.

Good thing it's Toews getting mad and not Kaner. You wouldn't want to see Patrick Kane when he's angry. Because his eyes glow red and he calls in the Crips.

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