No rest for puckheads during Turkey Week

Like the old man in "A Christmas Story," we're fiends for turkey. If the Bumpas's dogs attempted to steal our bird, we're Phaneuf'ing those four-legged bastards.

From the first Deviled Egg to the last leftovers sandwich (turkey, stuffing, light mayo and white bread) after midnight, Turkey Day is gastronomical bliss. It's a glorious time for family and friends, even if it means watching the Lions.

That said, Puck Daddy will still be humming during this festive holiday week, with the Three Stars recap publishing each morning. Wednesday is a regularly scheduled broadcasting day, including our Hockey Rumors Live Chat at 1 p.m. EST. Turkey Day will feature a special Thanksgiving-themed post. Friday through Sunday will have sporadic posts featuring Puck Headlines and our typical brand of whimsy.

Eat, drink, be merry. Thanks for reading, and happy holiday. Discuss: Favorite Thanksgiving dish?

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