Maxim Lapierre would like you to see his swingin' bachelor pad

When we heard Montreal Canadiens center Maxim Lapierre was getting his own reality show, our first thought was "why Maxim Lapierre instead of 'Alexander Ovechkin's From Russia With Love' on VH1 or 'Brodeur vs. Food' on The Travel Channel?" Or second thought was whether anyone had broken the news to Theo Fleury that Maxim Lapierre's reality show had gone to series.

From the National Post, details of this new and exciting reality program. What's French for "fabulous window treatment?"

Le Journal de Montréal reports today that this spring the Quebec network TQS will begin airing La maison de Maxim Lapierre (Maxim Lapierre's House.) Viewers will be treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the transformation of Lapierre's new home in suburban Montreal from its current "country" look to a "lounge" style more fitting a 23-year-old bachelor who likes entertaining.

The 13-episode show was the brainchild of Marie-Christine Lavoie, the partner of another Canadien, Mathieu Dandenault. Ms. Lavoie is a professional interior designer, and when the Habs centre asked for help decorating his house, she thought it would make great television.

So the house will have "a 'lounge' style more fitting a 23-year-old bachelor who likes entertaining." Why use so many words when stripper pole would have sufficed?

We eagerly await the episode in which a surly, combative contractor turns out to be Jarkko Ruutu in disguise, who promptly elbows Maxim in the mug and before attempting to chew his hand off.

While the show seems to be a simple interior design series, hopefully it leads directly into a second season, in which Lapierre hosts cocktail mixers in his swank new shag-a-delic bachelor pad while Ryan O'Byrne operates an elaborate purse-stealing operation from the coat room.

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