How hockey literally goes into the toilet in Washington

The world is made up of two types of people: Guys who scurry through arena men's rooms placing pictures of rival hockey players next to urinal cakes, and those we here at Puck Daddy affectionately refer to as "everyone else alive."

There's really no feeling in the world quite like sending a few beers back out to sea and seeing the face of Sidney Crosby or Daniel Briere staring up at you from the bottom of a toilet. But that's exactly what happens at select Washington Capitals home games at Verizon Center; like back in 2006, when the infamous Crosby "I'm thirsty" images appeared. Not as clever as urinal soccer from the World Cup (pictured right), but just as eventually wet.

Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post has an interview on the Bog with die-hard Caps fan "N---," the mastermind behind this bizarre form of fan snark.

"N---" evidently left the area but has returned this week to place New York Rangers logos in the bathrooms on Saturday night, and plans to post "Peeiere" images for the Philadelphia Flyers game Tuesday night. Because "Durine" doesn't make any sense.

The interview is a pisser (let's just get that awful pun out of the way), but Steins does his journalistic duty (not a pun) in finding out how this Caps fan pulls it out in an arena men's room (incidental, but still quite awful, pun).

From the Bog:

Who helps you distribute them, or is it a solo effort?

Ninety percent of the time, I go it alone. Many of my family and friends share my love for the Caps, and see the humor in this, but they don't all like the idea of getting that close to other people's pee. And, of course, there is always a slight risk of a sucker punch from an embarrassed opposing fan. After all, size matters.

How do you go around dropping things in urinals without looking like a freak?

Well, ask anyone who knows me, and they'd say "Yeah, I can see him doing that." Not sure I'd be voted class clown, and certainly wasn't in high school, but since then my personality has definitely shifted to a more freakish and deviant side. I take it even further than just dropping them in unmanned urinals. I don't hesitate to walk up behind a man in full-stream and toss one of these in from the side with a flick of the wrist. Sure, it freaks most guys out to have another dude so close to his junk but when they see the gift I have left them they usually chuckle and aim a little more precisely.

Once more, with feeling: "I don't hesitate to walk up behind a man in full-stream and toss one of these in from the side with a flick of the wrist." Ladies and gentlemen, your Washington Capitals fans.

Check out the interview on the Bog, if only to hear the distributor of "Pee-Pics" mention that production is up because "my mom pitched in this year, so we cranked them out in record time."

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