Holiday programming notice, or what to expect when we're sober

It's been requested that we share our plans for the holiday blogging schedule. Some points to remember, going forward:

• We will have a normal schedule on Christmas Eve until about 2 p.m. EST, when we have a rather special holiday hockey treat for you. Christmas Day is a day of playing with new toys and booze rest for the blog. We will resume our posting on Friday, Dec. 26.

• The following week features fresh coverage each day, including plenty of Winter Classic fun and our regularly scheduled rumors chat on Wednesday, Dec. 31 at 1 p.m. EST. We'll cover news as it breaks, but please visit the main NHL page for all your info needs as well.

• Or Year in Review coverage begins on Monday, Dec. 26. It's epic, in a Def Leppard/Janet Gretzky/"Go For It, Jews!" sort of way.

• On Jan. 1, we will be hosting a Winter Classic Live Blog during all the festivities. Details to follow.

• Finally, if you're planning on cooking a goose, best to submerge the bird in boiling water then let dry for 1-2 days, and then roast at 325 for 1.5 hours, flip for 1.5 more, then finish for 15 minutes at 425. Thanks for reading.

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