Premiere to Benefit Jet-Crash Victims' Family

A pair of Hollywood producers are raising money for the man who lost his family in the University City jet crash earlier this month.

Dong Yun Yoon lost his wife, mother-in-law and two young daughters in the crash.
The producers of the new sci-fi comedy "Sounds" are going to donate $1 to Yoon for every ticket sold to their Beverly Hills premiere.

The producers are asking Hollywood producers and businesses everywhere to match their contribution for every ticket sold.

"We grieve for Mr. Yoon and just wanted to help in some way," said Robert Lenney. "The Fine Arts Theater has seating for 410 people, so this could possibly generate tens of thousands of dollars in support with a full theater and many companies stepping up to donate."

The premiere is scheduled for Dec. 30.

Companies willing to donate should e-mail They will then be notified the day after the premiere about how many people where in attendance.  The donor then sends a check in the name of Dong Yoon to the Korean United Methodist Church, 3520 Mount Acadia Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111.

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