Cops: Baby's Death Is Family Tragedy

Details are emerging about how a baby may have died overnight in San Diego.

The baby was found not breathing overnight in City Heights at an apartment on 50th street near University Avenue. Police said they believe the death to be accidental.

A police officer at the home in City Heights said 911 operators received a call from a family member around 1 a.m. The person on the phone was screaming in a panic, saying that an infant was not breathing. When paramedics arrived, a family member was administering CPR. 
Emergency crews took over and rushed the baby to Children's Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Lt. Rick O'Hanlon with the San Diego Police Department's Child Abuse Unit said his officers had finished their investigation and are awaiting the autopsy report for official cause of death. He did say that a family of five people were sharing the same bed last night in the apartment. Investigators believe that at some point a 7-year-old boy put his leg over the 10-week-old girl's mouth and accidently suffocated her.

There is also a 5-year-old boy in the family, but he was not involved in the incident, according to O'Hanlon.

No criminal charges are expected to be filed in connection with the case.

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