Pies of Gold

Local dessert shop offers pumpkin pie that puts others to shame.

A La Jolla dessert and bake shop is turning out dozens of pies unlike many others that will grace local tables this Thanksgiving. Not only are the pies made from organic ingredients, but they include a special topping.

Michele Coulon's father had a family restaurant called the Belgian Lion for 25 years. She never went to cooking school but decided to start making desserts for the restaurant.

She perfected the pie. Specifically the pumpkin pie. Wednesday Coulon and her crew were busy prepared more than 100 pies for Thansgiving this week - each with steamed organic pumpkins run through a food mill.

Then, Coulon adds a little gold leaf to the top of the pies and the cookies that decorate the dessert. (A little vodka helps keep the gold in place.)

Why add the gold? "Gold is just cool," said Coulon. "What is cooler than having gold on your dessert? It's the ultimate."

Coulon said gold leaf is used in classic French desserts but she believes she uses it more than other local bakeries.

Pies with all the trimmings will cost you about $2.00 more than a pie sans gold.

If other cooks want to try thisf Coulon warns about getting the right ingredient. "You want to make sure that it's edible," she said. "Buy the gold that says 23 karat gold on it."

Michele Coulon Dessertier
7556-D Fay Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 456-5098
Monday - Saturday
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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