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Pierce the Veil's New ‘World'

San Diego post-hardcore juggernauts Pierce the Veil release new video

San Diego post-hardcore/pop-punk mega-stars Pierce the Veil don't seem to be taking any time off after topping the charts with their latest album "Misadventures" or selling out venues nationwide during their recent tour with Rise Against.

On Tuesday, Oct. 11, the local group (which consists of guiarist/vocalist Vic Fuentes, bassist Jamie Preciado, guitarist Tony Perry and drummer Mike Fuentes) released yet another official video from their massive 2016 album -- this time for "Today I Saw the Whole World."

Fans of the band will undoubtedly delight in the video which features footage of the band performing intercut with closeups of the various members mugging for the camera, psychedelic imagery and old black-and-white stock footage.

"I grew up watching massive amounts of MTV music videos throughout the '90s," Vic Fuentes said in a recent press release. "I would record all of my favorites on VHS tape, watching them over and over until the tape wore out.

"Our new video was inspired by some of these artists that I loved back then like the Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill and Marilyn Manson. We wanted to use this '90s look to visually express the lyrics and fury inside of the song."

Check out new merch from the band at their website, and read a SoundDiego interview with Preciado here.

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