PICS: Sublime With Rome at House of Blues

Sublime With Rome caressed House of Blues down with a recent two-night stand for charity.

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Alex Matthews
The band -- which is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Rome Ramirez (pictured), drummer Carlos Verdugo and original Sublime bassist Eric Wilson -- was in town for two benefit shows on Dec. 29-30.
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The shows were fundraisers for Caterina's Club and Music Hugs -- which supports immigrant children held under unlawful government separation.
Rob Michaelson
In a recent SoundDiego interview, Ramirez told us: "It doesn't matter what race or creed -- children are children, man. You gotta take care of the kids." Indeed! Kudos to the band for taking it upon themselves to get involved.
The group started playing together in 2009, after Wilson and original Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh discovered Ramirez covering Sublime songs. After a series of rehearsals, the new band was formed. The group released its debut album "Yours Truly" in 2011.
Alex Matthews
Gaugh left the group and was eventually replaced by Josh Freese -- known for his work in Guns N' Roses, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, and more. In 2017, Freese departed the band to tour with Sting, and longtime band friend (and Tribal Seeds drummer) Carlos Verdugo (pictured) entered the Sublime With Rome fold.
Alex Matthews
In 2015, the band released its sophomore follow-up, "Sirens," with the lead single "Wherever You Go" and toured seemingly nonstop afterward.
Alex Matthews
The group was in fine form during their San Diego shows -- which came on the heels of the release of their new music video and single "Wicked Heart."
Alex Matthews
According to Ramirez, a new album is imminent and during our recent interview, he elaborated on what fans can expect from the band's forthcoming work: "We're always trying new stuff ... We used a lot of big-room drums and try to make it all sound kinda dancehall and reggae [on previous albums]. For this one, it's definitely a lot more song-based."
Alex Matthews
Fun fact: Wilson (pictured) is reportedly a resident of Fallbrook -- right up the road from here! Can we claim him as a San Diegan? We think so!
Alex Matthews
Ramirez also talked about the inspiration behind the upcoming record: "[Having my son] was a really big transitional period for me and gave me a lot of inspiration to figure out this whole journey. Like, it's been 10 years of just straight rock & rollin' and partying with the guys -- but now throw in a child and having a legacy of my own and figuring out that next chapter and everything. That type of responsibility alone just creates such unique art. Definitely different art. Ask anybody who's had a child -- things change remarkably."
News 4 NY
The band is, of course, known for playing Sublime songs during their shows -- but now with nearly 10 years under their belts as their own group, they've begun to solidify their own legacy and identify apart from the namesake group fronted by the late Bradley Nowell.
Alex Matthews
Ramirez told us he's proud of what the band has accomplished thus far: "We're still here. We're still rocking. Our music is better than ever. Our shows are bigger than ever. That's really hard to do for any band for 10 years. We have a great legacy to stand on ... When you're in the driver's seat, you're just kind of just co-existing. You're just trying to have as good of a time as possible but trying to piss off the least amount of people as possible. I think that's a pretty good metaphor for life, actually. [laughs]" Looks like good times were had by all at House of Blues -- come back soon, lads!
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