PICS: Spoon at Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

Phil DeFalco turned his camera on and caught Spoon's indie-rock shindig at SDSU's Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre on Sunday, Oct. 1.

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Philip DeFalco
The band hails from Austin, Texas and got its start in 1993.
Philip DeFalco
The group's lineup currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Britt Daniel (middle), drummer Jim Eno (second from right), bassist Rob Pope (right) and keyboardist/guitarist Alex Fischel (left). Gerardo Larios joins them on tour as a guitarist/keyboardist (second from left)
Philip DeFalco
Spoon released their debut studio album, "Telephono," in 1996 which was followed by 1998's "A Series of Sneaks." (Daniel pictured left, and Eno)
Philip DeFalco
After signing to Merge Records, they began to inch into the mainstream with 2001's "Girls Can Tell." However, it was 2002's "Kill the Moonlight" that propelled them into the national spotlight with the single "The Way We Get By." (Daniel pictured)
Philip DeFalco
2005's "Gimme Fiction" and 2007's "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" continued in that upward trajectory, spawning hit singles like "I Turn My Camera On" and "The Underdog."
Philip DeFalco
In 2009, the review aggregator Metacritic ranked Spoon as its "Top overall artist of the decade", based on the band's consistently high review scores between 2000 and 2009, amongst other factors. (Fischel pictured)
Philip DeFalco
The band released "Transference" in 2010, "They Want My Soul" in 2014, and most recently, "Hot Thoughts," earlier this year.
Philip DeFalco
Spoon's Oct. 1 setlist included 14 songs: "Do I Have to Talk You Into It," "Inside Out," "I Turn My Camera On," "The Beast and Dragon, Adored"... (Pope pictured)
Philip DeFalco
"Don't You Evah," "Do You," "Via Kannela," "I Ain't the One," "Hot Thoughts," "Can I Sit Next to You"... (Daniel pictured)
Philip DeFalco
And "Don't Make Me a Target," "The Underdog," "Rainy Taxi," and "Rent I Pay."
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