PICS: Daron Malakian and Scars on Broadway at Observatory North Park

More than six years after their last San Diego show, Daron Malakian and Scars on Broadway rocked the Observatory North Park.

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Alex Matthews
Fresh off a rare all-too-brief tour with his other band, System of a Down, Daron Malakian (pictured) and Scars on Broadway finally returned to town on Sunday, March 3.
Alex Matthews
The recent Sunday night show was the band's first time performing in San Diego since a Nov. 19, 2012 show at House of Blues!
Alex Matthews
Originally, Scars on Broadway included Malakian, System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan and Apocalyptica's Franky Perez on guitar.
Alex Matthews
After some lineup changes over the years, Malakian now plays with current touring members include guitarist Orbel Babayan, bassist Niko Chantziantoniou and drummer Roman Lomtadze.
Alex Matthews
When System of a Down went on hiatus in 2006, Malakian immediately launched Scars on Broadway to release his treasure trove of solo material. In one 2005 interview, he stated that he "could release 10 solo records tomorrow."
Alex Matthews
Scars on Broadway's debut self-titled album was released on July 28, 2008, after signing to Interscope Records. (Babayan pictured)
Alex Matthews
According to interviews, Malakian considers Scars on Broadway as a more song-centric group, taking cues from such influences as David Bowie, Brian Eno, Neil Young and Roxy Music. (Chantziantoniou pictured)
Alex Matthews
"I don't feel we're the mosh-pit band," Malakian told the Guardian in 2008. He also stated his intentions for the band to "have their own identity" from System of a Down, while still maintaining the same "thematic and sonic territory" (according to a 2008 interview with Blabbermouth).
Alex Matthews
In April of last year, Malakian announced the lead single from "Dictator," titled "Lives." He also announced the band's re-brand as "Daron Malakian and Scars on Broadway." (Lomtadze pictured)
Alex Matthews
Regarding the change, Malakian explained to Kerrang: "Nobody quit [the band]. When I first started Scars, I always said that it would be different lineups from album to album. Depends on the type of direction I want to take. Different musicians work for different styles. That is partly why I added my name in front of the band’s."
During their March 3 show, Malakian and the band tore through 30 songs, including "Animal," "Sickening Wars," "F---ing," "Chemicals," "Dictator," "Kill Each Other / Live Forever," "Guns Are Loaded," "Enemy" (a cover of "China Girl" by Iggy Pop was incorporated during its performance), "Scars on Broadway," "World Long Gone," "Serious," "Funny," "Universe," "3005"...
Alex Matthews
Followed by "Angry Guru," "Lives," "Never Forget," "We Won't Obey," "Insane," "Hungry Ghost," "Babylon," "Gie Mou" (a Stamatis Keke cover), "Whoring Streets," "Talkin' S---," "Till the End," "F--- and Kill," "Exploding/Reloading," "Stoner Hate," "Cute Machines" and "They Say." What a great show -- come back soon, lads!
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