PICS: Passion Pit at the Observatory North Park

Passion Pit stopped in town to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the electro-pop band's 2009 debut album "Manners."

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Allyson Ta
The band, fronted by multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/producer mastermind Michael Angelakos (pictured), took the stage at the Observatory North Park on Wednesday, May 1.
Allyson Ta
Their current tour celebrates the band's 2009 debut album, "Manners," which propelled the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based group to worldwide fame.
Allyson Ta
Naturally, during the show, Passion Pit's setlist was focused on "Manners" -- with the album being performed in its entirety.
Allyson Ta
In a recent interview with SoundDiego's Dustin Lothspeich, Angelakos explained that the band's rehearsals for the anniversary tour were a great experience: "It's literally probably the most positive, easiest, lightest-feeling tour I've ever prepped for."
Allyson Ta
"I'm just excited to get back out and do something," Angelakos continued. "It's just been a lot of time off and time spent gathering myself and I was just kind of craving the connection -- and I feel like it's fun to take 'Manners' back into my own hands and play with it in a way that I never got to before."
Allyson Ta
When the album released 10 years ago though, the entire process of recording, handling press, and touring took its toll on the frontman, who was struggling with mental health issues.
Allyson Ta
"It was such a blur, it was so fast," Angelakos said. "The time from writing the initial demos to getting signed to an indie label, then to a major label, to being in a band and then being on a bus -- it was so quick and so fast, and also I was on so many different medications. These are stressors that most young people shouldn’t really have to be exposed to or really deal with at that age."
Allyson Ta
As he and his band prepared for this tour, the process of revisiting songs that document some of the most turbulent times in his life was even more eye-opening than the frontman anticipated.
Allyson Ta
"The thing that I really understand best, and it’s taken me a really long time to, is how lonely and dark and desperate I was to be understood at that time," Angelakos said.
Allyson Ta
For a process that could've easily been a harrowing minefield to navigate, going back to that debut album has turned into somewhat of a victory lap for him and the band.
Allyson Ta
"It’s kind of a conquering type of feeling as opposed to a this type of 'Oh my God, I’m gonna revisit this traumatic period,'" he said. "There’s a always a little bit of that, but there’s a type of confidence now to be able to go out onstage and perform these songs with a kind of understanding between me and the audience that I’ve gone through enough."
As expected, it was a magnificent show and Angelakos and Co. left everything on the floor -- bravo! Come back soon!
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