PICS: Gwar at House of Blues San Diego

Gwar -- what is it good for? An absolute metal spectacle, for one thing. The outrageously costumed band brought the gore to House of Blues on Tuesday, Nov. 21.

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Fatima Kelley
The heavy metal band originally formed in Richmond, Virginia in 1984.
Fatima Kelley
Gwar has been composed of and operated by a frequently rotating lineup of musicians, artists and filmmakers collectively known as "Slave Pit Inc."
Fatima Kelley
Following the death of frontman and lead singer Dave Brockie in 2014, the group has continued without any original members, although Don Drakulich, a non-instrument-performing member of the collective, has been with the band since 1985.
Fatima Kelley
From the band's Wikipedia page: "Easily identified by their distinctively grotesque costumes, Gwar's core thematic and visual concept revolves around an elaborate science fiction-themed mythology which portrays the band members as barbaric interplanetary warriors, a narrative which serves as the basis for all of the band's albums, videos, live shows and other media."
Fatima Kelley
Typically *very* over the top, their stage show comes with violent, sexual, and scatological humor which often incorporates social and political satire. A trademark of live shows is the mutilations of celebrities and public figures. But hey, it's all in good fun.
Fatima Kelley
Gwar has attracted both acclaim and controversy for their music and stage show, the latter of which notoriously showcase enactments of graphic violence that result in the audience being sprayed with copious amounts of fake blood, and other bodily fluids (also fake). Such antics regularly lead the band to be labeled as "shock rock."
Fatima Kelley
Since their formation, Gwar has released 13 studio albums, two live albums, and numerous singles among other recordings, and have sold more than 820,000 records in the U.S.
Fatima Kelley
The band's extensive videography consists of both live recordings and long-form feature films, most notably 1992's "Phallus in Wonderland," which earned Gwar a Grammy Award nomination for Best Long Form Music Video.
Fatima Kelley
They're also quite the shrewd marketers: The band has expanded their merchandise to include comic books, trading cards, board games, signature beers, and BBQ sauces.
Fatima Kelley
Gwar is currently touring in support of their latest (and 14th) studio album, "The Blood of Gods," which was released on Oct. 20 this year.
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