PICS: Blackalicious at the Casbah

Blackalicious celebrated the 20th anniversary of their debut 1999 album "Nia" at the Casbah on Tuesday, Sept. 24.

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Rick Ward
Blackalicious is the hip-hop duo shown here. Originally hailing from Davis, California, the group is comprised of DJ Chief Xcel (left) and the rapper known as Gift of Gab (right).
Rick Ward
They are known for Gift of Gab's often tongue-twisting, multi-syllabic, complex rhymes and Chief Xcel's "classic" beats.
Rick Ward
The two artists first met while attending John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento. At the time, Chief Xcel (pictured) went by the stage name of DJ IceSki and Gift of Gab was known as Gabby T. After graduating in 1989, they went their own ways -- but eventually reunited in 1992 to form Blackalicious.
Rick Ward
The duo have released four full-length albums: "Nia" in 1999, "Blazing Arrow" in 2002, "The Craft" in 2005, and "Imani Vol. 1" in 2015. (Gift of Gab pictured)
Rick Ward
On "Blazing Arrow," guest appearances included Zack de la Rocha (of Rage Against the Machine), Questlove (of the Roots), and legendary soul/jazz musician Gil Scott-Heron. The album also contains the song "Make You Feel That Way," which became a radio staple.
Rick Ward
Gift of Gab has stated that 2015's "Imani Vol. 1" would be the first in a three-volume series to be released. Earlier this year, he said that the group has more than 70 recordings in progress and is in the process of selecting and polishing 14 tracks for "Imani Vol. 2."
Rick Ward
Lateef "The Truthspeaker" Daumant, shown here, is one-third of the Sept. 24 show's opening act Roots and Tings.
Lateef the Truthspeaker shared the stage with Blackalicious for every song -- including a freestyle rap session.
Rick Ward
Lateef is shown here holding up a copy of Blackalicious' "Nia" album.
Winstrong aka the Reggae Warrior, shown here, is another one-third of Roots and Tings. He joined the stage for one Blackalicious song, lending his reggae-style vocals. He hails from the Bay Area but was born in Jamaica.
Rick Ward
The rapper known as Jumbo (of the Portland hip-hop group Lifesavas, pictured) introduced Blackalicious to the stage and also performed alongside the group throughout the entire set.
Rick Ward
The show was outstanding and a fitting tribute to Blackalicious' "Nia" album -- be sure to check it out if you haven't! (Jumbo, pictured)
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