PICS: Beirut at the Observatory North Park

Beirut filled the Observatory North Park with a unique mix of baroque-pop and worldly folk music recently.

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Allyson Ta
The band is currently on the road in support of its fifth studio album, "Gallipoli," which was released on Feb. 1.
Allyson Ta
Their tour stopped in town on Monday, March 4.
Allyson Ta
Beirut was originally started in Santa Fe, New Mexico by frontman Zach Condon.
Allyson Ta
Aside from Condon (who generally plays a rotary valve flugelhorn and ukulele live), Beirut band members currently include Nick Petree (drums/percussion), Paul Collins (bass), Kyle Resnick (trumpet, pictured), Ben Lanz (trombone) and Aaron Arntz (piano/keyboards).
Allyson Ta
Condon (pictured) named the band after Lebanon's capital, "because of the city's history of conflict and as a place where cultures collide" (according to a 2006 New York Magazine interview).
Condon recorded most of the material for Beirut's debut album, "Gulag Orkestar," in his bedroom alone.
Allyson Ta
After Condon recruited friends to play the music live, the band began to play shows in New York in 2006.
Allyson Ta
The band's second album, "The Flying Club Cup," dropped in 2007 -- followed by 2011's "The Rip Tide," 2015's "No No No" and this year's "Gallipoli."
Allyson Ta
"Gallipoli" is named after the Italian town where Condon wrote the title track.
Allyson Ta
Condon's also collaborated with several other artists over the years, like Pictureplane, Grizzly Bear, the New Pornographers, Blondie, Sharon Van Etten and Mouse on Mars (among others). (Lanz pictured)
Allyson Ta
The show was simply incredible -- come back soon, Beirut!
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